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We specialise in building web, mobile and desktop applications that are optimised for power consumption and carbon emissions.

Our green software expertise helps startups and scaleups bring digital products to market on a low carbon trajectory, enabling them to grow rapidly with sustainable technology at the heart of their business.

Software's dirty secret

Digital technologies are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Although hardware produces these emissions, software drives the demand. We must change how we build software and reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Emissions from ICT are greater than those from aviation, which are around 2% of global emissions.


Between June 2012 to June 2022, the median page weight increased by 221%, or 1.6 MB.


Our Story

We are software developers and friends who share a curiosity for code and a care for climate. Back in 2022 we had a conversation that changed everything for us. It arose from a simple question: what is the carbon footprint of our software?

The months of research that followed led us to the conclusion that our digital world negatively impacts our environment on a shocking scale. Addressing this requires root and branch change to the way we develop software.

Our company was founded in 2024 as a commitment to building software sustainably and helping others do the same.

Adam Newman
Adam Newman
Head of Operations
Oliver Winks
Oliver Winks
Head of Technology

We've been busy.

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We run a community dedicated to exploring and understanding how to decarbonise software.

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Open Source

We are the creators of Cardamon, the open source software emissions measurement tool.

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We are recognised Champions of the Green Software Foundation for our contributions to the community.

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